eXavier Peterson graduated with Honours in the Interdisciplinary program at the Ontario College of Art and Design in 1997 and returned to complete her BFA in 2005, earning a place on the Dean’s List. Her limited edition original prints are in private collections in Australia, Canada, China, England, Germany, Japan, Portugal, South Africa, and the USA, and she has exhibited her work in Canada, Japan, and China.

Artist Statement

Having grown up on the west coast of British Columbia, I was surrounded by the beauty of nature. I experienced first hand the wonders of the animals around me.

My prints, mainly portraits of animals, depict the love I feel for the area where I grew up, but also draw from pictures I have taken on trips abroad.

eXavier at OCADU Book Arts Fair a while ago

Relief printing is a favourite medium since each time my drawings turn into an image entirely its own. I try to capture the individuality of each animal I portray.

I choose to print with black ink as it highlights the graphic lines I achieve when carving the image from sketch on block.

My miniatures are pieces of whimsy I create from ideas, from everyday objects, turns of phrase, and from looking out my window. I paint on handmade Japanese paper for background, build wooden furniture and other structures, and hand sew the creatures that inhabit there.